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TL-WIN725N Ver:2.0 with RPi

I have a handfull of these:

Model: TL-WIN725N Ver:2.0
IC: 8853A-WIN725N
USB ID: 0bda:8179 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
Product page:

It uses RTL8188EU chipset, and it is not supported by the latest Raspbian out of the box. Until I compile mine myself, the lazy approach based on this list of precompiled binary ones (don't trust them):


$ wget -c
$ sudo install -p -m 644 rtl8188eufw.bin /lib/firmware/rtlwifi/


$ wget -c
$ tar -zxvf 8188eu-20141107.tar.gz
$ sudo install -p -m 644 8188eu.ko /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/net/wireless
$ sudo depmod -a