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RPi Linaro cross-compiller toolchain

Continuing with RPi booting options, we need a way to compile both u-boot and RPi kernels. Setting cross-compiler toolchain on x86 Debian linux box is the most optimal way. It's quite straightforward if you just follow instructions. My log (with minor modifications) is below:

$ sudo apt-get install gperf bison flex texinfo libtool automake subversion
$ mkdir -p /lab/pi/src
$ cd /lab/pi/src
$ wget -c
$ tar -jxvf crosstool-ng-1.19.0.tar.bz2
$ cd crosstool-ng-1.19.0
$ ./configure --prefix=/lab/pi/crosstool-ng-1.19.0
$ make
$ make install
$ export PATH=$PATH:/lab/pi/crosstool-ng-1.19.0/bin
$ mkdir -p /lab/pi/x-compiler/build
$ cd /lab/pi/x-compiler/build
$ ct-ng menuconfig

Configure values as per instructions. The only difference in my case was "gcc version" "linaro-4.8-2013.06-1", as "linaro-4.7-2012.10" failed to build due some conflicts. I did menuconfig once, so now I can do:

$ wget -O .config
$ ct-ng oldconfig

my CT_PREFIX_DIR is commented out, so you'll need to provide your target directory, and then

$ ct-ng build

it took ~50 minutes on VPS with 2 x 2.40 GHz, including downloading all the sources.</p>